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To Salt, or not to Salt, that is the question

I commonly get asked the question about the use of salt, so I did some research and discovered that the kind of salt you use makes a big difference in whether to salt or not to salt. What I discovered is that there is no scientific justification from within the salt debate and is missing a fundamental understanding that not all salts are the same. There is a huge difference between processed salt and unprocessed sea salt and for those who allow salt in their life should be seeking to replace table salt with whole unprocessed sea salt.

Ideally one should be getting their natural sodium needs from an abundance of fresh vegetables, but it is rare that most Americans eat enough fresh vegetables in the quantities that they need to supply this basic mineral. Yes, a lot of salt is consumed in our society but it is important to remember that processed salts are not a quality salt and ones body has a hard time processing it. Most processed salts do more harm then good as compared to a good quality unprocessed sea salt.

I would like to mention here a well-researched paper written in 1999 by Gary Taubes who received a Science in Society Journalism Award for his article “The (Political) Science of Salt.” In it, he exhaustively reviewed the political history and clinical trials behind the salt debate.

Processed iodized salts have a much different nutritional profile and biological effect within the body than whole unprocessed sea salt, which contain significantly less sodium and an array of bio-available trace minerals. Unprocessed sea salt is literally evaporated sea water which is then raked into sea salt mounds and then bagged. No bleaching, or high heat, nothing added. Most quality unprocessed sea salts are available at natural food stores.

Interesting note: Whole unprocessed sea salts are gaining in popularity among medical professionals.

Gary Taubes’ article is illuminating and points out much detailed scientific history of salt and public health, although much of the content is technical, drawing heavily from numerous studies and clinical trials, the conclusion is clear: the general recommendations for sodium restriction are rooted more firmly in opinion and bandwagon-style thinking than in actual scientific fact.

Here at Raw Food Central we use a high quality mineral rich unprocessed Celtic Sea Salt by Selene Naturally which has beneficial effects on one’s health. It is Raw Food Central’s purpose to apply current health information to its products. Celtic Sea salt’s higher mineral content along with the unprocessed sodium from the sea provides a health benefit that the body needs, which cannot be said for the highly processed salts which is mistakenly lumped in with the beneficial unprocessed sea salts.

The health concerns from most snack foods come from the higher fat content along with processed or semi processed sugar which is why Raw Food Central’s Kale Chips, Onion Rings, Flax Crackers and Snack Mix are never oiled or laden down with clumps of dressing and sweeteners. We always use the highest quality ingredients, which offers a satisfying wholesome taste. 

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