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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall = Oranges, Melons, Berries and Grapes

The days are getting longer and you can feel that change is not too far off; I always look forward to the end of February because of the signs of spring. I enjoy watching for the crocuses as they push their way out of the soil and sometimes through the snow as the warmth of the sun starts hitting the ground.You can even feel this special warmth against your face during the mid-day sun even though it’s February. I look forward to the days when a coat is something you might or might not decide to wear and not a must.

Don’t let this recent snow fool you, spring is around the corner and the snow can do nothing about it, the sun always wins. As beautiful as this snow is as it covers the trees and yards, it’s just as beautiful watching it melt away. Another season coming to pass and each one goes so fast, although when you’re freezing cold in the winter or sweating bullets in the summer these seasons have the illusion of lasting longer than normal, then we wish for the other to come sooner. How fickle we are at times.

In between these two extremes of winter and summer we have those wonderful months of spring and fall. What would we do without these? It‘s as if they were purposefully put there to help us acclimate to the following season. The great thing is that it works and I enjoy every single one of those precious days which are void of extreme temperatures.

Another great thing about these seasonal changes is the seasonal fruit, how I look forward to these changes. Each season brings its own variety of sweetness waiting to be enjoyed by my taste buds. The anticipation of that next crisp sweet watermelon in late spring or those luscious berries come summer along with a variety of grapes late summer and fall, winter citrus never lets you down. These are just a few of many seasonal delights.

The great thing about seasonal fruit is that just when you think you have had your fill the season is gone along with the fruit. Then you have 3 more seasons of other wonderful varieties before you can look forward to enjoying them again. Absence makes the taste buds grow fonder. Thank you seasonal fruit!

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