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What Kind of Water is Best for Us?

Most people are not terribly concerned about what they drink, a variety of chemical cocktails and dangerous brews will be had daily without thought or question as to the harm they will cause. I could go on and on about the dangers of everything out there that is drinkable, but for this writing I will limit it to water. Water, which makes up 90% of our blood, should be our main source of fluid to drink.

There are several types of water available for us to drink, some of the common ones being mineral water, municipal water, reverse osmosis water and distilled water. Let me explain the difference;

Mineral water is water that contains inorganic minerals taken up in solution from the earth. These waters come from many sources such as wells and springs, which is where much of our bottled water comes from. The amount of minerals will vary depending on the source.

Those in favor of mineral water say that it is health promoting because the body needs the minerals in the water. The fact is that the minerals in this type of water are inorganic and the human body cannot make use of inorganic minerals. For instance, iron is very much needed by the human body, but if taken in its inorganic form is a poison. The same goes for iodine; in its inorganic form it bears the sign of the skull and crossbones. Yet in their natural organic form are beneficial.

In most cases the inorganic minerals in mineral rich water is not great enough to cause death but they slowly accumulate and cause health problems later on down the road.

Since the body cannot use inorganic minerals it throws them back into the bloodstream in the attempt to eliminate them. While in the circulatory system these raw minerals combine with cholesterol to form hardened plaques on the artery walls causing cardiovascular problems commonly referred to as hardening of the arteries, or heart disease, and further, combine with uric acid and are deposited in the joints causing arthritic and rheumatic conditions. A variety of stones in certain parts of our body can also be an outcome. 

Municipal water is water from a reservoir that is piped to our homes underground. This is also mineralized water, not only does it contain inorganic minerals, it has the added assault of having the chemicals chlorine and fluoride added. One can understand the use of chlorine in our water supply to kill off any harmful bacteria and if you filter this water through a carbon filter the chlorine can easily be removed. This is not the case against fluoride. Fluoride is a deadly chemical and is a by-product of the aluminum manufacturing industry, definitely a hazardous waste. It has been used as the main ingredient in rat poison. The fluoride in one tube of toothpaste has killed a 20 pound child.

Then there is distilled water, which has been boiled to the point where steam rises, then captured and collected in a holding tank ready to drink. Distilled water is water in its purest form void of all inorganic minerals, chemicals, sediment, bacteria and other pollutants. There are those who claim distilled water is dead water. This is ridiculous! Is water ever “alive”? Water with inorganic minerals is not alive.

Some life that you could find in water would be bacteria, parasites and microscopic single celled organisms, which I think most would consciously avoid if they knew of their existence in their clear looking glass of water. The argument that distilled water is “dead” is an empty one. If anything, the minerals and chemicals in tap water can turn life into death.

Waters main role in the human body is to serve as a transportation medium. It transports needed nutrients throughout the body for building, and transports the waste out to be eliminated. Water that is heavily laden with inorganic minerals and other pollutants will have a reduced ability to serve the transport needs of the blood, making the bloods job less efficient.

As a side note: The only way minerals can be used by the human body is by consuming them in their organic form. The transformation of a mineral from inorganic to an organic form can only be done through the plant kingdom. The plants and trees take the inorganic minerals from the soil and convert them through their root system to an organic form to be stored in their vegetables and fruit, making them usable by the human body. All we have to do is eat their delicious product, the body handles the rest.

Eating a variety of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds in their raw state will supply all the usable minerals the body will need. I underline the word raw because if these foods are cooked the organic minerals will return to an inorganic state causing them to be body clogging inorganic minerals again.

Water that has been filtered by reverse osmosis is also finding its way into the bottle water category and through expensive filtering system usually installed under kitchen sinks. It is very close to being as pure as distilled but not 100% like distilled. The expensive filters have to be replaced on a regular basis or the water quality goes down.

Below is a chart with a list of pollutants that can exist in tap water, bottled water, well or spring water. Also listed are several methods of purifying water.

It is very clear that distilling water is the best method and the best water for us to drink:

An excellent booklet by Dr. Allen E. Banik, called “The Choice Is Clear” is an informative writing about water and how it can bring you vibrant good health, or rob you of it. I strongly suggest reading it.

If you are interested in a water distiller, I have researched many and found one brand that I feel to be the best on the market. Go to the Water Distillers section if you would like a distiller of your own. They come in counter top models.

I have been using this brand for several years. It has provided my family and me with many years of quality water with very low cost and low maintenance.

All of our snacks at Raw Food Central are produced using pure Distilled Water. We always use the best of everything in all our products. 

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