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Raw Snow

Made it through the second snow of the season, 6 inches and very cold. I loved driving in the stuff that evening, it was like a beautiful winter wonderland, the roads weren’t spoiled yet from the salt and dirt and there was hardly any traffic. The car heater was on and I was warm enjoying the scenery as I drove home from work..

Before I left work I decided to make a full Vitamix blender full of Bananas, grapes and frozen blueberries, Ahhh, what a delicious smoothie, that hit the spot. Gave me tons of energy for the 2 hours of shoveling I did with my son Windsor when I got home. It was actually kind of fun, could have done more but we were finished.

Warmer weather predicted ahead the next few days. . . .   New England weather, love the way it changes. Never a dull moment. Like those who live here say “If you don’t like the weather now, wait a minute”

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