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New Year around the corner

In less than a week a new year will be upon us. The years sure do go by fast! I find that every year is an exciting year because I never know what to expect in the year ahead and I look forward to the new friends that I haven’t met yet. It is these unknowns that make each day of each year an exciting thing to look forward to.

I also look forward to the recipes that I haven’t discovered yet. Sometimes my experimental recipes are great and sometimes they aren’t. For instance, I tried making a gravy recipe out of mushrooms, corn and some seasoning last night. Well, let me just say I have to work on that one. Fortunately I have had more successes than failures.

One thing I always look forward to no matter what time of year it is are the Raw Food classes here at Raw Food Central. Fun, delicious and rewarding. I can’t wait till January 12th.


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