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Welcome To Raw Food Central!

Hi everyone, I want to welcome you to the new and improved Raw Food Central Website, it has a cleaner look and is easier to navigate. Please look around and check it out.

I have my favorite raw tools that I use within the site like juicers, water distillers, Vitamix blenders and more. I also will put up some of my favorite books that I think are a must read. I was going to offer every appliance and book I could think of on this site but then after thinking about it I decided to offer only what I thought were the best from experience. It can get very confusing out there when you want to change to a raw diet and lifestyle and because of the many different kinds of appliances and multitudes of books l thought it would be better to offer a select few at certain times that I found to be the best.

Since I began my raw journey over 30 years ago I always get asked what do you think is the best ______, (fill in the blank.) Well, what I offer on my site I feel is the best and would recommend to my best friends.

We also have a fantastic wholesale Raw Food Coop here every week. You can order cases of produce for a minimal membership fee. Our coop has been going on for many years now and it fresh as can be. Please check out the link.

Of course we always have our Raw Food Classes going on. These are as much fun as they are delicious and informative. If you want to start living the raw food lifestyle, this is the place to be. Once you sign up the first time you are always a member and can take the classes over as many times as you want for free. The raw community here is great!

Stay tuned for our other events, Raw potlucks, raw dinners, speakers; we will be offering more and more as time goes on.

If you haven’t already tried them you’ll have to check out our raw snacks; Kale chips, Onion rings, Flax crackers and Snack mix. Everyone says there the best, try em and let us know J.

Please come back often to see what’s been going on, I will keep you posted with what I’m doing and what’s going on here.

I want to thank everyone for all your support. Thank You!


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