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January Raw

It’s almost the middle of January and the temperature has been hovering close to 50 degrees We are being teased by Mother Nature, less than a week ago we had subzero temps and now this. Is this the January thaw or are higher temps on the way?  Believe me I’m not complaining, I love these warmer winter days. I wish the whole winter could be like this but I know we are not out of the woods yet as far as cold weather is concerned. 

Speaking of cold, I always get asked ” Curt, don’t you get super cold eating raw food in the winter?” My answer is truthfully and always no. Eating raw food doesn’t mean you eat COLD food right out of the fridge or freezer. I usually eat my foods at room temperature so that it doesn’t cool my core and make me cold. Yes, once in a while I will eat a frozen banana smoothie and yes I do get chilled when I enjoy this drink but I know the risk and usually enjoy it in a warm room during the winter. Frozen smoothies are definitely a hot summer drink.

Another reason a person could be cold when they first start out on a raw food diet is that the tiny little capillaries the bring warm blood to the skin surface can be partially or completely clogged due to their past diet and lifestyle. This prevents the warm blood from finding its way to your skin surface an then you will experience being cold easily.

I have found through many testimonies including my own that after adopting a raw food lifestyle for a period of time that the bone chilling cold feeling usually resolves itself, mainly because the small capillaries become clear and the free flow of warm blood can make it to the skin surface. Until this happens I would suggest dressing warm and patiently wait for the results. Eventually you will appreciate how a January raw will lead to a January thaw within your body.

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