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Whole Foods Talks and Demos

I’m excited! We have a line up of talks at Whole Foods over the next two weeks. How wonderful it is to share the benefits of raw food with my sons who enjoy spreading the word and helping others who want to know more about this exciting, healthy and energy producing lifestyle. We love to see the smiling faces of those experiencing a delicious taste of their first raw meal along with their amazement of how easy it was to prepare. Preparation seems to be one of the deterrents that can cause hesitation in continuing a healthy raw food lifestyle, but after they see several delicious meals being made easily and quickly the hesitation usually melts away. 

Another awesome thing about the raw food diet and lifestyle is that the variety of delicious tastes goes beyond ones imagination. Every fruit and vegetable has it’s own vivid taste and there are hundreds and hundreds of unique tastes to choose from and they can’t be replicated anywhere except from the whole food itself. When these individual foods are combined, well, the skies the limit in all the different tastes and recipes.

If you happen to live near one of these Whole Foods please stop by and say hi and try a bite of what we have made for folks to sample. If you can’t make it in the near future stay tuned, we will be back.

If anyone is interested in coming to one of our events you can check them out here.


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