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Where Do You Get Your Protein?

If you are a Vegan I would like to ask you; How Many Times Have You Been Asked This Question?

I am asked “Where Do You Get Your Protein” quite often when others find out that I’m a raw vegan.

 This question has been put in to the minds of many by those who benefit financially by training the public to buy and eat more animal products through advertising. This industry is so huge, spending millions if not billions on media to making us think that we need animal products to survive.

Hearing their propaganda repeatedly on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines not to mention billboards and posters.

Even the school systems will disseminate inaccurate information on this subject; eventually we become experts on this topic that we know nothing about. This is why people quickly challenge or seemed concerned that you will be very sickly or die if you don’t eat animal products. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

It’s important to remember that there is protein in every living thing on earth, including the plant kingdom. How often do you hear of anyone who is eating enough calories on a varied plant-based diet become protein deficient? Never I’m sure. One would have to travel to a third world country where there is very little food of any kind to eat, and then protein deficiencies will arise. Same if someone were to eat very little food in our country. Basically if you eat enough calories on a plant based diet you will get all the protein that you need without thinking about it.

All proteins are made out of tiny molecules called amino acids, which are connected together like beads on a string. These amino acids form long protein chains, which are then turned into complex shapes to form your muscles, skin, organs etc. Ideally we want to get our proteins from the source, the same way cows, elephants and giraffes do, just to mention a few vegan animals. Their source of protein is through the greens they eat, and they are big strong animals.

Eating protein from an animal source is really eating used protein. The human body has to work hard to break it back down to amino acid molecules only to reform them to make up your body structure. There are other harmful processes going on when animal products are consumed but those are not the scope of this writing.

The plant kingdom has individual amino acids ready to be formed to build your body proteins. Having these ready to use building blocks, amino acids, to form proteins uses much less body energy as compared to having the body break down animal protein to individual amino acids only to be reformed to proteins our body can use. This is generally why raw vegans have so much more energy.


The conventional mind set says we need about 25 to 30 percent of protein per daily calorie intake. Most eat much more than that. It has been proven with many vegans that less is more, wonderful energy and great health is a benefit on a 10 percent protein per daily calorie intake.

 Protein is certainly an essential nutrient, which has important roles in the way our bodies function but we do not need huge quantities of it. Actually, too much protein can cause health problems.

 The best advice I could give anyone wanting to become a raw vegan is to not let well-meaning people who really know very little about this subject sway you. When they come out with that question, “Where Do You Get your Protein?”, and wince at your answer because they know better, Lol. Ask them where they get their information, if they can even tell you. If they do tell you were they found that information, research it. What you will usually find is that the source of their information will have an interest in selling an animal based product or high protein product. I always tell others that if they follow the green (and I’m not talking about leafy green here) it will usually lead to an institution that wants to promote protein for profit.


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