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Want to experience supercharged health?

I started my raw vegan lifestyle 37 years ago. Back then I read a lot of books because the internet was in it’s infancy. Things are a lot different now! There is tons of information out there. If you’re looking to adopt a raw diet and lifestyle it would be my suggestion to learn from those who have been living the raw food lifestyle for over 20 years or more. The reason is because it is very rare for someone who has been living a raw lifestyle for that long go back to cooked foods. These individuals are continuing to reap the benefits which is why they are sticking with it. As a matter of fact, when you have been raw for that long it becomes normal and the thought of cooking and destroying food with heat before it is eaten no longer makes sense to these folks.

If you want to experience supercharged health here are 5 tips I would recommend doing when going raw.

  1. Eat enough calories at each meal. In other words, one banana and one apple for breakfast is not going to cut it. You will be hungry an hour later. Try to keep in the back of your mind that most hand fruit are about 50 calories each and bananas are about 100 calories each. If you require 600, 800 or 1000 calories to get you to your next meal then eat enough of these to get you there.
  1. Change it up, rotate your fruits and veggies. When I make a big salad for dinner I love to switch the veggies and dressing around. Different flavors, different nutrients. It helps keep it from being boring.
  1. Eat food at room temperature. Try not to eat right out of the refrigerator, cold food will chill your core, unless your looking for that on a hot day. I have always found that a room temperature meal is more satisfying then a cold one.
  1. Don’t drink with your meal. Wait at least an hour or so after a meal or a half hour or so before a meal. Drinking with your meal will dilute the gastric juices weakening the digestive process. Most find that they are not thirsty at all when living a raw food lifestyle.
  1. Buy your produce in bulk. Join a coop or talk to your local produce manager and purchase your foods by the case. It’s cheaper because they usually give a discount and you always have food on hand, at least your most popular food. This will save you from going to the market daily.

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