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Time + Raw Food = Long Term Investment



Time is always a factor in knowing if something is right or wrong, many things have stood up to the test of time and there are many others that have not. I could go on and on about the things that have failed the test of time but there is something of importance that has definitely proven itself worthy over time, and that is the eating of an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables; these have certainly stood up to the test of time. The more we stray away from these natural health building foods the more disease will enter into ones life in time.

 Have you ever heard of an autopsy report stating that an artery was clogged from eating too much broccoli or apples caused a stroke? You get the idea. Even the American Cancer Society is publicizing the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables because it lowers the risk for cancer.

 Bottom line is that the more raw plant based foods you eat the more the health benefit. A much greater benefit will be had when you eliminate all containerized foods from your life; these are foods that come in a can, box, package or jar. Reason being is that containerized foods have been heated to the point of major nutritional destruction (Pasteurization). They have a long shelf life because there is no life left to go bad. If you place a rock on a shelf it will sit there forever unchanged. I’ve heard the same about McDonalds hamburgers.

 Anything put into the body that has no nutritional value (dead cooked food) is sensed by the immune system as foreign entity and must be acted upon accordingly and eliminated which wastes the body’s energy and robs the body of valuable reserves. Over time when the bodies reserves get all used up deficiency diseases will be the result.

 As we get older we should not have to suffer from any aches, pains or any other health issues. But so often in todays world many think this is a normal part of aging, when in reality this is not normal. We should be able to live a pain free, disease free existence until the day we die. This can be accomplished simply by giving our body a variety and abundance of nutritious raw plant foods. It’s that simple!

 Think of eating fruits and vegetables as putting deposits in to your health bank account. Kind of like an investment into your future. The more you eat the more benefit you’ll have when you get older. Isn’t that what all investments are about? Remember, it’s never to late to start investing 🙂





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