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How to make the common cold un-common

During the winter months you hear everywhere that people are sick with the common cold. Why is it that??? 

Well, Let’s break it down. . .

After summer and fall the sun start appearing for less time in the sky, this is where it starts; the sun is an important ingredient to our health which offers our bodies the ability to make that ever so important nutrient vitamin D which wards off much sickness including many cancers. This vitamin is so important to our health that it should be given more attention to those who are indoors for most of the winter, and summer too. 

Now as the sun reduces it time overhead it leads us into that scary Halloween Season. Here you will notice that most stores everywhere are decorated with candy for the whole month of October until that frightening day comes, Halloween. This day is more frightening to our body than are the creatures on the street. Why? Almost everyone, especially kids seem to indulge more than usual in candy during this time of year causing havoc with our immune system. Every time we eat sugary foods it greatly reduces the strength of our immune system for several hours while providing no nourishment to our organs.

 If you compare our immune system to good soldiers that fight off all the bad invaders coming inside our body then you realize how important it is to keep those soldiers alert. Sugary foods put these soldiers to sleep and without their protection we are opening ourselves up to and internal war that is one sided and not in our favor.

Now as most of the candy is polished off from October right into the month of November our immune system starts waking up only to come across a Holiday that usually involves more sugary foods and gluttony, Thanksgiving! Just as our immune system starts to recover from the onslaught of sugar from the past month or so it is then over fed with more sugary foods like pies and other sweet deserts and drinks, not to mention the acid forming main course which again weaken the immune system and add a ton more calories to an already over burdened body. This is a double whammy! The good immune systems soldiers are so debilitated at this point that invaders are crossing into their territory and the soldiers can’t seem to do anything about it because they are so wiped out.

Finally, Thanksgiving is over and our immune system once again starts waking up with a big burden on its shoulders. Theirs is a lot of work to be done removing the invaders that passed by them last month and are making themselves at home in your body and multiplying. An overwhelming task but if left alone they will do their job and do it right.  Unfortunately after the onslaught of Thanksgiving or as the immune system soldiers call it “The Thanksgiving Massacre”  leads right into the stress of Christmas, this happens because many go shopping fighting traffic and crowds for the perfect gifts or some get emotionally depressed for one reason or another at this time of year. The fact remains that stress too lowers the immune system, and to make matters worse the candies, deserts and drinks start showing up again.  

The immune system can’t seem to win this Christmas Chaos. At this point the immune system is use to just laying down and doing nothing. The squatting invaders have been multiplying by the billions and billions. Noses are running, fatigue is setting in and coughing is heard, but no human will keep this from slowing them down. Many over the counter drugs are purchased to bring relief to the weary. Humans in their ever unknowing “wisdom” figure since the body is not capable of recovering from these symptoms then these over the counter remedies will do the trick! What they don’t realize is that remedies may give a temporary form of relief but they are not treating the cause which in turn is further straining the immune system.

At this point it seems nothing can get any worse for the body, well; don’t underestimate the power of addiction to sweet foods, gluttony, alcohol and lack of sleep etc. It’s New Years Eve, this is the last hoorah in the 4-month onslaught to the body’s immune system and health.

Now you have entered cold and flu season, the body is telling you that if you don’t lay down and rest and stay away from all that junk it’s going to send something more serious your way and you don’t want to know what that is.

At this point the truly wise human drinks lots of water and rests letting the body in its own wisdom do what it has to do to get well. Getting sick is a remedial action taken by the body to remove any and all invaders and toxins to a safe level for recovery. It is important to get out of its way by not polluting it any further with prior months foods and lifestyle. During recovery the immune system soldiers are getting back into shape and standing on guard battling and winning colonies of invaders. Soon you will be well again and hopefully have learned the secret that will keep the common cold un–common for you.

The secret on how to make a common cold un-common is; Don’t do the above next October through January,  eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, get outside in the sun or supplement with Vitamin D3, Get plenty of rest, exercise and enjoy the holidays without the junk. That sums it up in one paragraph.

It’s really that simple.

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