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Happy New Year from Raw Food Central

It has been a while since my last writing and I wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone who happens to read this and to let everyone know what’s been going on at Raw Food Central this past year.

2014 has been a busy year at Raw Food Central and as I reflect on this past year I am amazed at how much and how far we have come. The first 3 months of 2014 the Griffing Guy’s (Curt, Wynter and Windsor) offices were in a cold warehouse set outside of our small, clean, modern manufacturing room. Our comfort came second to the quality of our products as it does today.

After much searching by Josh for a larger and more suitable place to grow from, we came across a very large space (10,000 sq. ft.) that would fulfill our needs. There was one problem though; it was not in a move in condition. The whole team with some friends and family pitched in to get our new place in shape. Many long days and nights were spent fixing this space up; cleaning, painting and upgrading with some construction and plumbing. When we were done, well, it was worth it. Now we have a beautiful commercial manufacturing facility worthy to produce our snacks. All of our food cerifications and inspections passed with flying colors. Our efforts were a success.

As you can see below from one of our areas in our space. . . . 

We went from this picture on the left, as we were starting to work on our facility. . . 


To this Picture below









Now we have a Beautiful squeaky-clean facility with our own offices that we are proud to call Raw Food Central. 

We have our snacks in many stores scattered around the country including most of the Whole Foods in our region and growing. I am excited to see where 2015 brings us. I want to thank everyone who has enjoyed our snacks over the years, you have all helped in our success.

I would like to invite anyone that would like to come and visit us to please give me a call or send an email. I would love to set up a time to give you a tour of our new facility. 




















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