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An Introduction to our team

 It’s so great to see the beneficial health impact raw foods have had on others over the years here at Raw Food Central. I’ve seen tons of weight loss and many health issues clear up completely or drastically reduced, depending on the percentage of raw foods they incorporate in their lives.

I love to here the testimonies from those who have benefited from this nutrient packed way of eating. It’s as simple as bypassing the stove leaving all the nutrients in tacked. Life in our food brings life to our body.  The ultimate result will be better health and energy. Once this is understood and practiced health will abound.

Here at Raw Food Central we have an awesome team, and I have noticed that everyone here through osmosis has incorporated more raw foods in to their lives either through smoothies, salads and more fruit or just by making more vegan choices in their diets. It’s kind of neat to see this transition over time and then see the resulting benefits.

I realize that most can’t eat 100% raw like myself, but the way I look at it is that it is better to start where you are then not at all no matter how small the step.

I thought it would be informative to open up my blog to the staff here at Raw Food Central, infusing different perspectives and thoughts from their viewpoint about the raw food diet and lifestyle.


I mention lifestyle here because health is not just about eating foods with life in them. Health comes from a well-rounded approach, which includes exercise, fresh air, sunshine, pure water, rest and emotional peace. These along with a good diet can only bring about better health.

I know you will enjoy reading these future posts from the staff here. I know I will!


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